Good to know



Transfers are not included in our charter prices. For many years now, we have trustworthy taxi drivers working with, who know our boarding piers well, drive carefully, and are punctual. We can arrange your transfers at locale prices and insure that this part of your holiday is problem free. Just let us know where you are staying, and we will make the arrangements and charge you accordingly.



Luggaes of a lager size is usually no problem. We have plenty of space under the berth in the cabins. It’s recommended to pack a smaller size soft bag with all needed things for the time on board. Working with a large hard suitcase every day is awkward and frustrating in limited space.

Food & Drinks


Meals are mainly created from sea food. We do our best to offer you five star catering from our very clean kitchen. Every thing is open and visible. You can watch our stuff creating top Thai cuisine and European meals, and make notes to cook them again at home.

If there is any guest who does not like sea food, – no problem as well. Our dinner has 5 course which includes meat, poultry and plenty of vegetables too. If you are allergic to something or vegetarian just let us know at the beginning of the trip. Our cook will prepare the food suitable for you . The chief has many years experience and resolves every situation

Soft drinks:

Soft drinks like Sprite, Coke, Orange limo, Soda water and of course drinking water, coffee and tea are unlimited and free of charge. There is a variety of fresh fruit shakes and other exotic and common drinks for sale.

Land Excursions


The largest urban habitation is on Phi Phi Islands. All other stops are at small islands with no settlements except ranger stations. Mainly we drop anchor close to the beaches or attach to the moorings at the coral reefs, so that it is possible to swim ashore. For guests who do not like to swim our dingy will provide a schedule service. All private excursions are at your own risk and have to be confirmed with the captain.

Towels & Beddings


we will provide every guest with one large towel, which can be exchanged once, during the journey. We recommend that you bring one more beach-towel for the beach and lazing around on deck and the armchairs. Thai sarongs fit very well for this purpose. By the way, we have beautiful hand painted and batik sarongs for sale on board. These will be a colourful souvenir which reminds you of the happy days on board. If you don’t like to carry an additional towel yourself, you can rent one from us. The beddings is pure cotton sheets and microfibre cover blankets for the night. This blanket provides the finest comfort. We care about your sleeping on our ship.

Dress Code


On board is very easy going. You don’t need much on board. Some T-shirts and shorts will do it. For all meals at our large table in the galley the guest are request to wear clothes. It’s not very inviting and impolite to join other guests having there meals inappropriately dressed.



on board are Euro, USD and THB. We also accept traveller-checks but we have to charge a fee of 1, 5 USD or 1, – Euro. Our company has no teller machine and we do not except credit cards. Extra payments must be made in cash or with checks. If any guest runs short of cash he has the opportunity to visit a bank during the excursion at Phi Phi Island. One other possibility is to do online banking or a PayPal transaction from our on-board computer.



Internet is limited on board. About 80-90% our journey we have signal and internet excess. We are sorry that we can’t supply our guests with WiFi . We connect to our provider via EDGE and UTMS modem, and the data transfer is limited to 5 GB per month. This is plenty enough to cover all needs but not enough to watch movies via net.

Tipping the Crew


Tipping is optional. You will observe that our stuff are highly motivated, friendly and helpful. They anticipate your needs and desires. The staff working hours on board our ship are not scheduled. The stuff start early at 6:00 in the morning and work often after might night. To encourage and reward their efforts a tip is most appreciated and valued. The crew is really hard working and as a guide, if every guest is willing to give 1,- Euro per day to every crew member we will see this as very generous. (5 crew member for 5 days) = (50,- Euro or 70,-USD per guest couple)

Keeping the Peace at Night


We start our day quite early. The sun rise is about 6:15 and that’s the time to get up to have your first coffee at the bow. To see as much as possible from the landscapes especially in the impressive morning light it helps to get up early. In the tropics it gets dark early about 6:30. Many guests love to get out of there bed and jump into the 28°C (82,5F) warm water and swim around the ship. This is an experience very difficult to find anywhere else.

Air Conditioning


We do not have air-condition on board. To supply a ship of our size we need a generator of 20-25KW. To generate this amount of power we have to use one 45HP engine with 1.8Ltr cubic capacity. Such an engine produces in 10 min 32m³ of pollution. Our ship is designed to take full advantage of the cool evening air and sea breeze. Our guests enjoy this natural healthy atmosphere with out noise and pollution and after all this is how ships of this region have been for hundreds of years and it is so good to be so in touch with nature and the environment.

Private Baths


On traditionel sailing-ships there are usually no ensuites. We have two spacious bathrooms, that have warm fresh water showers. The bathrooms are cleaned hourly, and are in top conditions. On our cruise you can swim almost any time and take a fresh water shower at the stairs. We offer swimming and snorkelling at all anchoring sites, usually near beautiful beaches and pristine reefs. Scuba tanks available for certified divers. On other higher- price vacations, such as camel-trekking, wild water rafting, jeep-safaries and mountain trekking, personal washrooms are not expected nor available.