Booking rules

Lazy Tours Co., Ltd.

Booking rules and payment types

We are not a tour operator with big bookkeeping. All bookings made by you will be processed personally by me, Raimund Fehrmann.
So we don’t know any problem that we don’t get settled to all satisfaction.
So that you have confidence and the feeling of security, I would like to explain our cancellation rules to you:
The deposit is your security, we reserve one or more cabins for you. You can pay the remaining amount shortly before your departure.
The remaining payment can also be made on board if you wish. We like to take Euros, Dollars or Thai Baht, but
unfortunately no credit cards.

Since we know that all guests are looking forward to traveling with us, we do not want to capitalize on unfortunate circumstances.
If you are unable to travel for any reason, you will receive part of the deposit back from us.
Here I decide on a case-by-case basis according to the point in time and the failure we incurred due to cabin blockage. If we sell your cabin “last minute”, which is generally very common, we only keep a processing fee.
In the case of cancellation shortly before the start of the journey, where we have already bought the food for you, or have to drive with empty cabins that we could have sold, we will keep the deposit as compensation in the worst case.
I am one of the descendants of the Hanseatic League, who sealed their contracts with a handshake. Only fair business creates a good reputation and regular customers.

If you want to take out travel cancellation insurance, we can issue you with a confirmation of the booked junks trip, which should include a date as soon as the purchase of your flight ticket.
If you are covered by travel cancellation insurance – The following cancellation rules apply.

Cancellation policy
Up to 90 days before departure, 30% of the contract price.
90 to 30 days before departure, 50% of the contract price.
80% of the contract price from 30 days before departure.

Raimund Fehrmann

— Captain, Dauw Talae