Phuket Jetty

Our Marina at Phuket is about 5 Km south from the Sarasin Bridge at the eastcoast of Phuket. The village is named Ko Aen (Khor En) or also Leam Praow. Located here, this “Yacht Haven” is also one of Phuket’s biggest Marinas. Since December 2016 we are boarding our guests here.

If you arrive by private taxi and have larger luggage pieces, the driver will bring you directly to the pier. We are boarding at “Gate 2”. There our crew will wait for you, dressed in our Lazy Tours shirts. If they are not present, just ask for the “DAUW TALAE”.

Sometimes our staff is on the run, and if you arrive early, you can relax at the Marina Restaurant until we board at 11:30. At that time, your luggage will then be taken on board.

In case of problems, please give us a call. All taxi drivers have mobile phones.

081-8921967 or 081-9793415